Today will be dry and pleasant and after having a “seasonably cool” day yesterday readings today will be in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees..

Tomorrow the warmth will continue with again temps. near 60 degrees, there is a slight chance of a shower mid day Wednesday but the night should be dry.

Thursday it will cool down and there is a chance of rain to our south from Southern New Jersey southward but I doubt it will reach us up north, highs in the 40s.

Friday will be dry again in the 40s.

Now the weekend looks dry with again temps in the 40s, the precipitation that looked like was going to happen on Sunday appears now to be pushed off to Monday!

Enjoy the spring weather the next two days!!

Seasonably cool today but much warmer Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Today will be the coolest day of the week but still slightly above normal, highs near 40.

Warmer weather moves in to end January and begin February with highs mostly in the 50s, in fact on Wednesday it may even go above 60 degrees..

A cold front may give us showers Wednesday night into Thursday, high on Thursday will still be near 50 degrees. Cooler on Friday with highs in the 40s.

Now the weekend at this point still is very uncertain, the computer model solutions have been changing with each run but at this point it looks like it will be somewhat colder with highs in the 30s and with so far only a “slight” chance of snow on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pleasant Sunday but quick Rain or Snow shower tonight!

Today will be dry but a bit breezy in the afternoon high in the 40s.
Tonight there is a cold front approaching that may give us a quick shower or even a snow squall.

Tomorrow seasonably cool with highs in the low 40s

Warming trend Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the 50s.

Unsettled after Thursday, computer analysis have been flip flopping so it is best to say there are chances or either rain or snow from Thursday night into the weekend.

Could be a lot worse, Fairbanks Alaska had there coldest reading since 2006 this morning 51 degrees below zero after a balmy high yesterday of minus 42, wonder how that would feel!!!!

A quiet weather weekend!

Today will be rather mild with a high temperature close to 50 degrees.

Tomorrow will be slightly cooler with highs in the 40s.

This upcoming week will be mainly dry with no big storms in sight as our warm winter continues.  Monday will be the only “cool” day with highs just around 40 but another warming trend during the middle of next week and highs on the first day of February will be well up into the 50s,  not bad unless you love the cold and snow..


Foggy start, very mild later this morning, clearing later this afternoon!

Well it is a foggy start to our weather as we wait for a warm front to move north of us, when it does it will become quite mild with readings in the upper 50s to even around 60! It will get windy as drier air moves in later this afternoon and this evening but it won’t be that cold with temps dropping only to the 30s by Saturday morning..

Nice weekend, 50 degrees Saturday, 40s on Sunday..

Above normal warmth again next week except for Monday when it will be seasonably cold.

Next storm will be around Friday and Saturday of next week, mostly rain so far but enough cold air may be around at the end to change the precip to snow…

Moderate rain later this afternoon into Friday morning!

Some moisture well ahead of the main area of rain gave some of the area snow flurries, enough to coat colder surfaces as cars but not much on the roads. The steady and heavier rain will fall from later tonight into about midday Friday, it will be getting warmer with readings in the 40s by this afternoon and into the 50s by Friday morning. It may get windy for a brief time in the afternoon with clearing late in the day.

The weekend will be dry and temps in the mild 40s..

Only one day of “normal” temps in the 30s on Monday but it will be warming up to again above normal the rest of next week and mainly dry…..

Dry Wednesday then rain developing late Thursday afternoon!

Today after some early cloudy skies the sun will appear and it will be cooler than yesterday but the temps will be still above normal in the 40s.

The rain tomorrow will begin in the late afternoon or early evening and continue till the early afternoon on Friday. Still mild with highs in the 40s tomorrow and 50s on Friday.
Rainfall amount 3/4 to an inch.

The weekend now looks dry, highs 40s on Saturday bit cooler on Sunday with highs in the upper 30s, not cold at all for January.

Looks like our mild weather will continue into at least early February…

Winter takes another break!!

After our little snowstorm on the weekend I don’t see much in the way of cold or snow for at least the next 10 days.

Today will be dry with highs in the low 50s.
Tomorrow still dry a bit cooler 40s
Thursday night into Friday skies becoming cloudy with rain
Weekend looks mainly dry so far except for a low chance of rain or snow showers on Sunday!
Next week looks like the above normal temps will continue…

Messy this morning then the rain will wash it all away.

Some mixed snow and freezing drizzle this morning changing to all rain and we warm up to near 50 degrees this afternoon.. Nice Tuesday and Wednesday, still 50s during the day tomorrow lowering to the 40s on Wednesday.. Thursday evening into Friday is the next chance or precipitation but it looks like all rain at this point..

And the Giants are going to the Super Bowl – What a game!!!!!

Warmer weather on the way!

After we have had our first “winter” snowfall warmer weather is on the way..   Today will still be chilly with temps in the 30s, the temp will remain steady tonight with some drizzle or freezing drizzle overnight into early Monday morning.  After that it will get warmer with just plain rain and temps warming in the 50s.  Tuesday will be a very nice day drier with temps still in the 50s…  Back down to the 40s the rest of the week with the next chance of rain Thursday night into Friday morning….

Forecast for tonight’s Giant game in San Francisco, rain and breezy, the field is going to be a mess but I think the Giants will come through with a win…  GO BIG BLUE!!!