A warmer and more humid Sunday!

Looks like we missed the much needed rain overnight as when the showers moved toward the area they dissipated so at best we ended up with maybe a sprinkle or two!
We do now have much higher humidity as the dew points moved from the very dry 20s to the muggier 50s, there will be clearing later today and along with the higher humidity temperatures will also be a few degrees higher approaching 80 degrees.

Monday will be the warmest day of the week with mostly sunny skies and high readings in the mid to upper 80s.

Tuesday will still be warm but a front will cross the area and it will be less humid by the afternoon..

Wednesday through Friday at this time look dry with highs mostly in the upper 60s.

Next weekend we may have the first significant rainfall in weeks as the last few computer model analysis show a storm that will move up from the southwest, as of right now Saturday looks the wettest day!

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