Stuck with low clouds again this morning, sun “should” come out this afternoon!

My forecast for yesterday was for the sun coming out in the afternoon and temperatures in the 70s and that is what occurred if you were lucky enough to be in Warren County, NJ, but around here clouds persisted all day with temperatures barely made the mid 60s, so for the Clifton area the forecast was more like a train wreck.

So today we will try again, looks like the clouds will break by this afternoon, highs will be in the upper 60s..

Monday will be mostly sunny during the day with increasing cloudiness at night, highs in the low 70s.

Tuesday through Thursday a storm system moving into our area from the west will give us some rain starting early Tuesday morning, about an inch of rain is possible during this period, highs for the most part will be around 70.

Drying out Friday into the weekend with near normal temperatures, highs around 70 degrees.

Marine forecast: Building winds and seas Tuesday through Thursday with small craft advisories likely.

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