Quiet weather continues, tracking Isaac in the tropics!

Basically it is what you see is what you get weather wise the next several days with no rain in the forecast through the early part of next week, temperatures will be a couple of degrees above normal and humidity will be moderate. Meanwhile Tropical Storm Isaac is approaching the Leeward Islands, top winds are at 45mph and are expected to increase. A hurricane watch is in effect for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Long range computer forecasts take the storm to the north shore of Cuba on Sunday and then approaching the Florida Keys. A lot of questions remain on how strong the storm will be especially if the track goes near the mountains of Hispaniola and Cuba. The storm does have potential of becoming a strong hurricane so stay tuned for further updates.

The forecast: Today, mostly sunny, high in the mid 80s.

Tonight, partly cloudy, low in the middle 60s.

Thursday, mostly sunny, high in the upper 80s.

Friday, Sunny, high upper 80s.

Saturday through Tuesday, mostly sunny, highs mainly in the mid 80s.

Marine Forecast: Today, variable winds this morning becoming southeast this afternoon, seas around 2 feet.
Outlook: Sub-advisory level winds and seas through the weekend..

Try to enjoy this pleasant stretch of late summer weather.

  • Ron Forfar

    Hey Alan, hope you’re enjoying retirement, what’s not to enjoy, right?! Unfortunately, I’m still working, I’m in the beginning stage of creating a weather blog for the greater Charlotte, NC area, my daughter is bery creative and I’m waiting for her assistance to set up my layout. Anyway, hope all is well, do you stay in touch with Kim Meono? I don’t see her on facebook!

    Take care,


    • Allan Kazimir Post author

      Ron I am enjoying retirement, better than I thought I would, gives me a lot=
      of free time to what I want to do…=A0 Good luck with your blog, my son i=
      s the one that helped me with mine, let me know when you are up and running=
      .=A0 No have not kept in touch with Kim, sent her a couple of emails before=
      I retired but she never got back to me… though I did see that her father=
      passed away in March…=A0 Oh my it is thundering, I better change my fore=
      cast…. take care…=0A=0A=A0=0AAllan=0A=0A=0A________________


  • Dor

    Elivra is getting nervous, she is suppose to go to Fla on Fri. she is suppose to stay til Tues.. Do you think that she will make it back or is there a chance of OT???hahahahahahahahahaha


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