Little or no sun again today while chances of Hurricane Sandy hitting our area have increased!

Mainly cloudy weather will continue today though the sun may peek through a bit this afternoon. Friday will have more sunshine and temperatures reaching the 70s. A cold front will cause more clouds and a chance of showers from Saturday afternoon into Sunday. Meanwhile in case you haven’t heard there is a more likely chance of a devastating storm affecting our area early next week. Most of the computer models now have Sandy hitting the area anywhere from the Chesapeake Bay area into Southern New England, the only model that has the storm going further offshore before moving back and hitting Maine is the American model (GFS). This is a very serious situation, this storm has the potential to be stronger than Irene last year. Hurricane force winds, torrential rain and coastal flooding is becoming more likely. This situation will become more clear tomorrow as more data is fed into the computer models. The National Weather Service are launching balloons four times a day instead of twice across the country to get more measurements of the upper air conditions. It may be a good idea to start to think about preparing for this potential historic storm. The eye of Sandy (the hurricane’s not Duncan’s) is located just off the coast and Cuba and will affect the Bahamas today and tomorrow then move north… Stay tuned for further updates…

The forecast: Today – Mostly cloudy, high in the mid 60s.
Tonight – Mostly cloudy, low in the low 50s.
Friday – Partly sunny, high in the lower 70s.
Saturday – Mostly cloudy with a chance of afternoon showers, high in the upper 60s.
Sunday – Cloudy with a chance of rain, high in the low 60s
Monday – Depends on the track of Sandy but for right now, chance of rain and cooler, highs in the upper 50s.
Tuesday -Rain likely, high in the low 50s.
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, high in the low 50s.

Marine forecast: Today – East winds to 10 knots, seas around 2 feet.
Outlook: Small craft advisory by Saturday afternoon and possibly gale and storm warnings early next week depending on the track of Sandy..

Enjoy the day!

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