Calm before the storm!

Well as my daughter Jessica pointed out I was wrong with yesterday’s forecast of partly sunny as we were stuck with clouds all day as an easterly flow helped keep a low overcast all day.
I am hoping to be wrong with this dangerous storm that is approached but unfortunately that will not be the case.. This weekend is the time to prepare for possibly one of the worst storms in our lifetime. Today we may see a break of sunshine with mild temperatures, clouds will increase tonight along with a chance of light showers that will extend into Sunday. Winds and rain will gradually increase Sunday night. At 5am Sandy was downgraded to a tropical storm but don’t let that fool you this tropical storm combining with strong cold front approaching from the west will give us a extremely intense storm as it comes onshore, landfall right now is forecast to be on the New Jersey coast early on Tuesday morning. The strongest winds and heaviest rain will be from Monday morning till Tuesday midday. Hurricane force wind gust to 80 mph will be common over a large area causing widespread power outages . Torrential rains of up to 8 inches are possible, there is a chance that inland flooding will not be as severe as during Hurricane Irene due to the rather dry summer that we have had. Rain and wind will slowly diminish later on Tuesday. Still a chance of showers on Wednesday with some gusty winds but well below damaging levels. The rest of the week will be dry and cool.. This weekend is time to prepare for this unprecedented storm..

The forecast: Today – Mostly cloudy, high in the upper 60s.
Tonight – Chance of showers, cloudy, low in the mid 50s.
Sunday – Cloudy with a chance of rain, high in the low 60s.
Sunday night – Cloudy with rain developing, winds increasing with gusts to 30 mph.
Monday and Monday night – Torrential rains and damaging winds gusts to 80 mph, high in the mid 50s.
Tuesday – Torrential rains and damaging winds in the morning, diminishing slowly in the afternoon, gusts to 80 mph in the morning.
Tuesday night – Cloudy with diminishing winds, lighter rain still likely, cooler low in the low 40s.
Wednesday – Mostly cloudy, bit windy, high in the mid 50s.
Thursday – Mostly cloudy, high in the mid 50s.
Friday – Partly sunny, highs again in the mid 50s.

Marine forecast: Today – Small craft advisory, east-northeast winds increasing to 25 knots by evening, seas rising to 6 feet.
Outlook: Storm conditions Monday and Tuesday for northeast winds gusting to 75 knots, seas up to 22 feet..
Small craft advisory should be in effect into Wednesday then drop below advisory conditions Thursday and Friday.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions concerning this upcoming storm and try to enjoy the day!

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