Excellent late September weather to continue!

With clear skies temperatures in the Clifton area are in the upper 40s, a few degrees higher than yesterday morning but there are some 30s in the colder inland spots once again.
Another nice day today with sunny skies and temperatures similar to yesterday reaching the mid 70s.
Dry weather to continue through the weekend with near normal temperatures, nighttime lows will be a higher than the last few days mainly in the 50s and highs in the low to mid 70s.
The storm system that I talked about yesterday should stay far enough offshore to only give us a low chance of showers on Monday.
As we look further ahead it appears that the first few days of October will be pleasant with temperatures a little above normal..

The forecast: Today – Sunny, high in the mid 70s.
Tonight – Partly cloudy, low in the low 50s.
Thursday – Partly sunny, high in the low 70s.
Friday – Mostly sunny, high in the low 70s.
Saturday – Sunny, high in the low 70s.
Sunday – Sunny, high in the low 70s.
Monday – Partly sunny with a chance of showers, high in the mid 70s.
Tuesday – Mostly sunny, high in the low to mid 70s.

Marine forecast: Today – North wind to 8 knots this morning becoming light and variable, seas 2 feet.
Outlook – There is a chance of advisories for early next week as a storm system moves offshore.

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife Joan!! Has it been 36 years already?

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