Early low clouds burning off later this morning!

The light winds off the ocean are bringing in the early morning low clouds once again, these clouds will thin out and the sun will appear, mild temps with highs near 70 but cooler closer to the water..

During this upcoming week it will be very mild but how mild will depend on the wind direction from the strong high pressure off the coast, if the winds are more from the Southeast the highs will be in the 60s but if the winds turn to a more SW direction it will warm up nicely with highs well up into the 70s. Seems like the best chance of the warmer reading are from Wednesday to Friday.

Most of the week will be dry but there is a low chance of showers Monday night into Tuesday morning and again Friday into Saturday..

The upper Midwest is having a remarkable early heat wave, Chicago has been over 80 degrees for three straight days, that has never happened before there in March, and that warmth will continue there this week.. Also this morning some areas in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan already have broken their record highs for the date.

Now if only the winds come from the west and we could join the fun of 80 degree weather.

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