Remarkably warm and dry week ahead!

Now the calendar says March but this week the weather will be more like May as the remarkably warm month continues.. Just think the normal high temperature for this time of year is in the low 50s.

Today will feature mostly sunny skies with highs mainly in the mid 70s, cooler along the ocean..

Tuesday there will be a weak back door cold front moving in and it will be just slightly cooler with highs in the upper 60s again cooler along the coast.

Back up into the 70s on Wednesday with mostly sunny skies..

Thursday should be the warmest day of the week as winds will be more westerly, highs may exceed 80 degrees even along the coast.

Friday a cold front will come through with a slight chance of showers, highs “only” near 70 degrees..

Cooler on the weekend with showers possible Sunday., highs still above normal in the 60s..

I should have taken this week off on vacation…

And as warm it has been around here the upper midwest even as more remarkable warmth.. Chicago went above 80 degrees again. The ice box city of International Falls Minnesota it hit 77 degrees yesterday, 4 degrees higher than any March temperature and broke their record for the day by more than 20 degrees.

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